A short (ish) bio 

I'm primarily a creator interested in people, their stories, and their struggles.

The draw to using lino is its tactile nature. I enjoy exploring the presentation of perfectly clean prints that feel detached from the artist's effort to prints that show the carving lines and the physicality of its creation. I'm eager to push the viewer into really considering the mind of the individual and the mind's manifestations; how our perceptions can change our image of the world around us and how it can change the body itself. A theme I often come back to in my pieces is the female form, although often posed in romanticised arrangements, their design subverts the idealised form into something unnerving rather than attractive.

I also practice portrait photography. Similarly to my artwork, I'm interested in portraying tricky emotions, and how the viewer can read that in the model's face, the lighting, pose, inviting them to question the psyche of the individual I'm portraying. 

I've also branched out into teaching a few times. In the warmer months of 2019, I ran basic lino-printing workshops in Lancaster, and in February 2021 I created video content for the Public Art Bronze Award Programme run by the Centre for Research Collections with Edinburgh University.